What is Fearless Friday?

Fearless Friday is our way of showing the world that you are not alone. Ever.

This is a way to share how courage manifests itself in different ways. Whether you’re a mom, a young entrepreneur, a model, a sister, a daughter, an ally... whatever the case may be, you are fearless. Courage can vary- for some, it’s the courage to leave a toxic relationship and sharing their stories as survivors. For others, it’s starting their own venture or fighting for their seat at the table.

We’re using fashion as a platform to share these stories. Our collections are the vessels for these courageous moments… the stories of others and of yourself.

Karen and Laura founded Wren & Roch as a manifestation of the courage it took to be survivors, not victims. That’s really it. They knew their silence was not making an impact, and they knew their words and actions could change the world. Their story could be the catalyst for others to share their stories- or just acknowledge their own experiences.

So now, we introduce Fearless Fridays to bring you inspiration and incredible stories.